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100th Birthday Celebration Margaret Eveline Shein (née Pritchard)

posted Mar 5, 2017, 5:36 PM by Van koughnet   [ updated Mar 20, 2017, 6:14 PM ]
Former Wood lake seasonal resident Margaret Eveline Shein (née Pritchard) celebrated her 100th Birthday this afternoon at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Hamilton

Margaret Eveline Shein (née Pritchard) submitted by Fraser Shein.  #MargaretShein
Margaret with letter from Queen
Margaret, family and friends celebrated a century of a life (with more still to come) today. Wife of Louis Shein (1914 – 1989); mother of four children: Brian (1947 – 1988), David (1953 – ), Elizabeth (1955 – ), and Fraser (1956 – ); and grandmother to four grandchildren: Ivana (1978 – ), Mariah (1991 – ), Hannah (1997 – ), and Francis (2001 – ).
A long-time member of St. Paul’s Church, Margaret has played many roles. While Louis worked as a Presbyterian minister and a professor at McMaster University, she was busy offering support to the community and his students, and at the same time, busy as a mother and a wife. She is a gardener, rug hooker, prolific knitter, cottager, baker, and a voracious reader of Canadian literature. She continued to drive until the age of 93. At 100, she still wants to maintain her independence.
Turning 100 is not an endpoint for Margaret. As an adventurous and independent woman, she remains an inspiration for us all.