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2016 Flood watch

posted Mar 28, 2016, 10:56 AM by Van koughnet   [ updated Apr 6, 2016, 8:47 AM ]

It's that time of year again!

Looking south on Vankoughnet Rd towards McCutcheon bridge - April 16 10am - photo by Chris Varga
Photo above from spring 2013

Although early by at least 3 weeks the ice is out on the river and there is a spring flood warning across Muskoka:

Spring snow pack may be low this year however weather forcasts indicate a warm, wet week ahead.   We will do our best to report any flooding in Vankoughnet area throughout the next few weeks. Hopefully there will be nothing to report.

In the meantime, you can take a look back at some photos and video of the 2013 flood here: Vankoughnet Flood updates
and it's always a good idea to create or refresh your emergency preparadness plan.  Here's a link to some helpful info: EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN

March 31 morning update:
 No flooding yet but warm temps, significant rain fall last night and through today are expected to increase water levels significantly.  MNR has issued a flood warning for Parry Sound-Muskoka:

Here are a few pics showing current water levels of the Black river in Vankoughnet taken this morning between 9:30-10:00am.
The Black river looking north from McCutcheon bridge 9:43am.  No flooding currently.  Low falls seen in the distance
The Black river looking south from McCutcheon bridge.  Water level is high, but still well under the bridge. March 31 9:44am
Low falls in Vankoughnet on the Black river looking north (upstream). March 31 9:47am
March 31 evening update:
The flooding has begun!  Since this morning the river has risen quite a bit.  As of 8pm, the river is just creeping over Vankoughnet road, just upstream from McCutcheon bridge.   Forecasts indicate the rain will continue past midnight tonight and water levels are expected to rise further.  The good news is the next few days look like they will be cooler and rain free. 
Photo above taken at 8pm facing north on Vankoughnet road, just upstream from the McCutcheon bridge.

April 1st morning update:
Although it's April fools day, this is no joke!  The river is up higher but the roads are still quite passable.  However water levels are still expected to rise through the day. 

All above photos were taken on Vankoughnet Rd. near McCutchoen bridge

Photo above taken on Miriam Drive near bones falls.

April 1st evening update:
Water levels increased rapidly over the course of the day and now there are numerous road closures to report:  Black River rd closed just north of Clear lake rd., Thompson rd closed, Vankoughnet rd flooded over and not safely passable north of McCutcheon bridge, Old Victoria rd just south of McCutcheon bridge flooded over and dangerous to cross.  Unable to report on Miriam drive, but based on annual flooding it is probably flooded over just north of Bones falls and may not be safe to cross. 

Vankoughnet rd. looking north from McCutcheon bridge

McCutcheon bridge
Vankoughnet rd facing south toward McCutcheon bridge

Black river rd. looking north just past Clear lake rd.

Thompson rd. facing south towards bridge (unseen, just around the corner to the left)

April 2nd morning update:
No significant change in water levels to report this morning on Vankoughnet rd.  We are assuming the same applies for other flooded areas in Vankoughnet.   Hopefully this means they have peaked and are on their way down.  However, the road closures and conditions posted in the April 1 evening update remain.

April 2nd evening flood update:
Looks like water levels are on their way down. Existing road closures are still in effect, but the water is receding off the roads. No new photos to show since they would look a lot like the last batch!
April 3rd flood update:
Water levels are way down and Vankoughnet Rd is water free now. We assume the other roads are the same, but if you have any details on them, please comment below. Unless water levels rise again this will be the last update for the season.

Click here if you can't see the photo slide show of all the 2016 photos above