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posted Nov 30, 2012, 2:35 AM by Chris Varga   [ updated Dec 6, 2013, 4:40 AM by Van koughnet ]
Looking for that really unique and special gift idea this Christmas?  Perhaps your thoughts are of supporting a local business or crafts person.  

**The info on this page was posted in 2012 and may no longer be applicable or available**

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Here is a list of ideas
In no particular order!

The brief list first...
followed by more detailed info about some of the offerings

Books, magazines and authors:  
  • Historic Routes of Bracebridge  by Gary Denniss
  • James Maybe Issue #1: The Four Elements by Matt Asher
  • Albert Seaton is the author of many books on Russian military history. 
  • Green Streak 1000 illustrated by Vankoughnet artist  Dayna Barley-Cohrs

Artists & photographers

Purchase a painting or buy lessons for someone who wants to learn.  How about a family portrait?

Other interesting ideas:
  • Varga Computers: The gift of memories.  Convert old photo's & Video to DVD
  • Rocky Top Farm:  I know at least one child who wants horse riding lessons!
  • Black River Ceramics: Don't just buy someone you love a gift.  Make it too!
  • Charlene Cottreau: home-made Christmas cards, book marks, and more
  • Custom Carpentry:  Bob Vanderniet is an artist with wood! 

Books, magazines and authors: In detail

  • Historic Routes of Bracebridge  by Gary Denniss

Life offers us many journeys. The routes we take ideally embody a balanced engagement of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of our being." Garry Dennis.

Garry's book include a significantly detailed history of Vankoughnet and Oakley township.  Complete with some very interesting old photos. 

Gary is a resident of Bracebridge, but lived and taught in Vankoughnet 

To purchase contact Gary Denniss by phone @ 705-645-9531


"Wendy ran home through the streets of Bexleyheath with the air-raid siren wailing, her little gas mask box bumping against her hip. Just as she reached her front gate, a Spitfire spiralled out of the air and crashed into the school field at the end of the road. You never forget a moment like that." Wendy Appleton

Wendy describes beautifully the memories that were imprinted so deeply on her young mind growing up in London England during the first world war. 

Wendy is  a current resident of  Uffington

To purchase:directly from:

  • James Maybe Issue #1: The Four Elements by Matt Asher

James Maybe Issue 1: The Four ElementsThis is the ultimate gift if you are looking to buy for those outside the box thinkers on your Christmas list....and at $5 it is a steal of a deal!  Funny, challenging and beautifully illustrated.  This statistically stimulating graphic novel is sure to become a collectors item.    

Matt Asher is an independent statistical consultant and web publisher, with a focus on programming complex biological and financial simulations. He maintains the popular website

                                Matt is a seasonal resident of  the Village of  Vankoughnet

To purchase: Online at

  • Albert Seaton is the author of many books on European military history.

The Army of the German Empire 1870-88 listed on the left is just one of the many books he has written.  

Retired British military Lieutenant-Colonel Albert Seaton lives the quiet life of a respectable and respectful English gentleman in the Village of Vankoughnet.  Few have lived such a fascinating or accomplished life. 

To see or purchase his other books: Books by Albert Seaton

Artist's, photographers and crafters:   

  • Dayna Barley-Cohrs
Dayna Barley Cohrs

Dayna is an award winning artist....and book illustrator as
well! You can see her very impressive portfolio on her
Purchase one of Dayna's existing pieces or perhaps commission her to do something for that special someone.

Dayna, with her husband Andrew and 2 children live in a very unique straw bale home in Vankoughnet.

Green Streak 1000 illustrated by Dayna Barley-Cohrs

Beautifully illustrated true story of the first female motorcycle racer champion.

You can also see and purchase her other work at: 

"free shipping" to any local address!

Other interesting ideas

  • Rocky Top Farm     3410 hwy 118E, Vankoughnet
Riding lessons are a really unique and fun gift to give to your children or anyone interested in learning to ride. 
Rocky Top also offers many other services.  Trail rides, day camp and more.  
Gift Certificates available

Contact Owner Brandie O'Brien for more information
Phone: 705-645-8023

  • Black River Ceramics

This is a wonderful idea for your kids (young and old) to  take a very active role in making a special gift for a loved one.    

Currently running at the Village Square on Tuesday nights from 7pm-9pm

For more information Contact Liz at 705-646-0474
or find Black River Ceramics on Facebook

  • Charlene Cottreau:  
home-made Christmas cards, book marks, and more

  • Custom Carpentry by Bob Vanderniet
Bob has an amazing talent to take something old and make it new again.  He also has a magical ability to see what could be, designing new items as well. He is more than capable of handling larger projects such as home renovations.  
So if you want him to help you bring back some old memories or make new ones give him a call:  (705) 645-0174

Last but not least...

  • Chris Varga Computer Services: 
Photo & video 
transfer, editing & restoration
Get those precious memories from the past out of the closet and into the hearts of those you love, this Christmas! 

Video Services
  • Transfer 8mm, VHS, Beta...
  • Custom editing
  • Transfer to DVD or other digital formats

Old photo, slides, negative can easily be 
transferred, and restored so they can be 
protected, and enjoyed for years to come. 
Photo Services
  • Transfer any format 
  • Custom Restoration and editing
  • DVD slideshows (with music too)
  • Great for many occasions

For pricing, click here: Photo/Video 

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