Vankoughnet Flood updates

Post date: Apr 19, 2013 7:41:7 PM

Vankoughnet Flood updates

Significant flooding occurred from April 19th-22nd 2013. 

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April 26th 2013

We are happy to report that there is no flood report! 

Hopefully life can get back to normal.


The Town of Bracebridge requested that the following flood bulletin be posted. Click the link below:

Town of Bracebridge Flood Buttetin

Stories from the flood

Johnny & Alissa Ahsome (at left) stand at what's left of a flood damaged portion of Lambert Rd. in the village of Vankoughnet.  Finally reunited after being cut off by the flood that devastated Lambert Rd. which they live on.   Alissa had been stranded at her home since Thursday, while Johnny was out of town on business.  Due to the flood, he had to stay out of town until Monday.  Still unable to drive on Lambert Rd., volunteer fire fighters from station #2 in Vankoughnet got him home to his wife by way of a specialized off road vehicle. 

To make matters worse, on Tuesday, they found their car, which was parked at the local community centre, had sustained a freak car fire.  The inside of the vehicle (at right) had significant fire and smoke damage, yet the exterior appeared completely unaffected.

It is extremely fortunate that the blaze was contained within the interior of the car.  Many other community members had parked their cars at the community centre and were utilizing the facility as an emergency shelter and meeting place.  As you can see there is also a children's playground right near the car.

Their story is but one of many that deserves attention.

It is very easy to focus on the flood itself and get disconnected with how these events have affected people.  It is clear that it has brought the community closer together in the short term and inspiring that there are so many great stories of people coming to the aid of friends, neighbours and even complete strangers. 

OPP Constable (at left) photographs the vehicle for incident report.  Notice the windows, which appear tinted are actually covered with smoke  on the inside.

Both Johnny and Alissa remained positive throughout their ordeal, taking the view that things could have been a lot worse and knowing that for many others, it was.

April 24th update


The piles of sand were not hauled in for repair, but actually deposited by the river.

April 23 6am update:

6am...ish Vankoughnet rd. Facing north towards hwy 118(below)

6am today facing south before 1142 Miriam dr (below)

April 22 6pm update:

The water levels continue to drop steadily further revealing the damage done

(Below) Whats left of McCutcheon bridge and Lambert Road

Thompson road water level now 1ft deep or less

Black river road (no photo) no has 1ft of water at most where the truck was submerged

(see April 21 12 pm update below)

April 22 8am Update

Water levels much lower but still very high in places.  

Miriam road is still 5ft deep and washed out in spots.

Vankoughnet rd, along the black and north of McCutcheon bridge still about 3-4 ft of water.

Apr 21 12pm Update

Environment Canada:  Water level expected to rise again and peak this evening.  Estimated 2ft rise

(Below) Thompson Rd. OPP trying to spread the word that flood is expected to rise again this evening

Constable surveying the scene. Water still 3ft above road or more. 11am Apr 21 2013

(Below) black river rd.

April 20 2013 10pm update:

Water levels finally subsiding however still very high and causing continuing damage.

Old Victoria Rd

Above photo's taken by Mike and Helen Sturgeon

April 20 2013 9am update:

Water levels continued to rise over night. 

Above photo taken at 12am

Water levels continue to rise

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Temperatures dropped significantly and now we have snow!

Bird's eye view of flooded areas in Vankoughnet south of hwy 118

April 19 2013, 10pm update:

The village square is supposed to be open as an emergency shelter shortly if anyone is in need. You can contact one of the board members if needed.

Many roads closed, some listed with photo's below. 

April 19 2013, 11am update:

Town representative have visited the scene and has notified Bracebridge emergency council of the current status, however due to the high volume of flooding issues in and around McCutcheon bridge. The road is being eroded significantly and quickly. You take significant risk driving or even walking across Bracebridge, no decisions have been made regarding necessary actions/closure.

McCutcheon Bridge leading to Lambert Rd. is closed due to high water and significant road erosion

Vankoughnet Rd along the black river is closed due to high water

Miriam rd. is closed due to high water (photo below was taken much earlier in the day and water levels are estimated to be 3ft higher or more. )

Old Victoria road (below) is close just south of the McCutcheon bridge due to high water that extends almost to Peterson bridge.