Post date: Dec 08, 2012 7:1:21 PM

Earlier this year a questionnaire was distributed within the community, asking for input as to what programs, clubs, or other offerings the community would like to have at the Village Square. To encourage participation in filling out this questionnaire, 3 prizes were offered which would be raffled off at a later date (last Wednesday). The grand prize was a $100 gift certificate for Metro Grocery store (generously provided by the Village Square board).

In a surprising and inspiring gesture, the winner of the $100 Metro gift card (who wishes to remain anonymous) requested that the prize be donated to a family within the community who was in need of a helping hand!

This is but one shining example of the positive things that go on around us all the time. Many go unnoticed or unmentioned, but the winner of this prize has given us true insight as to the real value of any kind act.

On behalf of the entire community, thank you for providing us all with the gift of inspiration this Christmas.

This is extended further to all the people who do so much (past and present) for our great community. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, peace be with you and may you hold the true value of this positive message within you.

This past Wednesday Dec 5th 2012, a meeting was held to introduce the new programs that will be starting in January at the Village Square in Vankoughnet. Some good things will come from these efforts, but unexpectedly something happened that was BOTH AMAZING AND INSPIRING!