Message from Bracebridge Counsellor Steve Clement

Post date: Jan 16, 2013 11:50:36 PM

Bracebridge counsellor Steve Clement visited our community and the Vankoughnet website last week and wished to have the following (very kind) message posted on his behalf:

"What can I say, other than Wow ! What a great web site !

I have been telling people about this great community of Vankoughnet and how they are so lucky to have such a community minded group. I am the chairman of the Bracebridge Volunteer Recognition Committee so I am quite aware of the great things that happen in all of Bracebridge by volunteers. Obviously your community is no exception. Your web site only proves to the rest of the world what a great community to live in and be proud of. It takes a lot of dedicated volunteers and a lot of hours to continue to put on events and keep a community together.

To all of you, keep up the good work and make the rest of us jealous."

Steve Clement

In Response:

Dear Mr. Clement. It is great to hear kind words about the website. The ultimate goal of this website is not to showcase itself, but to showcase all that is great about the community....but it's nice to hear is doing it's job. We truly do have a great community..check it out for