Rink update Jan 13 2014

Post date: Jan 13, 2014 6:5:19 AM

The last few weeks have been challenging with weather highs and lows and rain and snow. Recurring, long lasting power outages and a nasty flu bug have hampered efforts to maintain the rink. No flooding has occurred since Boxing day, however the recent warm spell with lots of rain gave us a free and natural flood. The current surface conditions are rough but manageable. The surface was cleared and snow banks were beaten back on Jan 11 (during the warm spell), so the large snow piles left on the rink and the encroaching snow banks did not freeze solid and cause major headaches.

Due to vandalism of the onsite community shared shovels, there is only one left and it has been bent significantly making it not terribly useful. Due to these repeated inconsiderate acts, the shovels will not be replaced. Please bring your own shovels to clear any snow that may be left on the surface.