The Oak-Leaf Programmes

Post date: Feb 12, 2015 1:17:24 AM

Dear Former and Current Residents of Oakley Township:

Since 1886, Oakley Public School in the Village of Vankoughnet has provided a meeting place where residents of the community gather, not only for learning but also for times of leisure and recreation. The current school was closed on June 30, 2001. As is the history of this stalwart community, the residents refused to allow its doors to remain closed and formed The Village Square.

The building is owned by The Town of Bracebridge and a Management Board is in place to oversee the running of the facility. To provide funding for ‘The Square’, the Board introduced The Oak-Leaf Programmes in 2002. Many of you have contributed to this programme, the corporate programme, or the memorial programme and your leaves continue to be displayed at The Village Square.

Over the past few years, the programmes have ‘fallen by the wayside’ and only a few stalwarts have continued to contribute. However, the need for funding remains and the current Board of Managers is revitalizing The Oak-Leaf Programmes as initially introduced by the community leaders in 2002. We require a stable source of funding to ensure the continuing smooth-running operation of ‘The Square’.

This letter is an appeal to anyone in the community who sees value in maintaining this facility and its activities for the benefit of all. The Oak-Leaf may be purchased or renewed for $50.00, $75.00,$100.00, or a greater amount of your choice. It will be displayed on the Members’ display wall inside The Village Square. (If you have previously participated in this programme, a sticker indicating your support will be affixed to your Oak-Leaf).

Alternatively, you may choose to support The Village Square through the Oak-Leaf Memorial programme. With a donation of $250.00, an Oak-Leaf in memory of a family member (or members) will be placed on the Memorial Tree in the Black River Room. The information that you provide concerning your family history will be compiled in book form as a historical record of our community.

To order your Oak-Leaf, please download and complete the form (link at bottom) and send it, along with your cheque, to The Village Square, c/o Hilda MacFarlane, 1330 Vankoughnet Road, Bracebridge ON P1L 1X1. If you have any issue accessing the form send an email to Please include the name you wish to appear on the oak ‘tree’ and, if different, provide the name as you wish it to appear on your tax receipt. Please note that this is a tax-deductible donation (either cash or cheque), but that cheques must be made payable to The Town of Bracebridge. If you prefer to pay in cash, please hand your payment (in an envelope) directly to Hilda, our treasurer.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our appeal as well as for your careful consideration of our request. We would ask that you also pass on this information to anyone who may want to support this initiative.

Yours in fundraising,

The Village Square Management Team

Click here to download the form