Celebrate Christmas with the Tree of Lights

Post date: Nov 04, 2014 2:15:11 PM

St. David's Presbyterian Church and St. Stephen's Anglican Church in Vankoughnet invite you to participate in The Tree of Lights Event to be held in St. Stephen's at 1217 Vankoughnet Road at 4:30 pm Sunday November 30, 2015. From the beginning of Advent to the end of the Christmas season the tree in St. Stephen's churchyard will be lit every evening at sundown.If you wish to purchase a bulb for the tree in memory of a loved one (white bulb) or in honor of someone (blue bulb) please contact mondayschild47@bell.net. Bulbs are $5 each. All funds collected will be donated to Interval House (a Bracebridge shelter for women and their children) and Out of the Cold (a local co-operative program to feed those in need during the winter). The names of those you have chosen to remember will be recognized at the Christmas Eve services in St. Stephen's (4pm Dec 24) and St. David's (7:30 pm Dec 24).During the Christmas Season the Tree of Lights has become a tradition in our community and a symbol of hope, compassion and love.