Home page write up prior to the flood

Post date: Apr 26, 2014 1:26:16 PM

The following content was posted on the site home page prior to the 2014 spring thaw.  During the spring of 2013 there was record flooding of the black river and many other areas in muskoka.  The 2013/2014 winter was a record breaker as well.  It started early and had record accumulations which remained into May.  Spring seemed to be delayed by 3-4 weeks in 2014 and this set the stage for the potential of another massive flood.  Although the water levels did not match the record breaking 2013 spring flood, they were still significant.  This was another odd spring occurrence, with significant temperature fluctuations.  Unusually cold temps helped prevent extreme flooding but caused the flooded areas to freeze solid for a day or 2.   We have preserved the home page post her for historical reference.


Watch the 2013 Vankoughnet flood recap video below

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Was the 2013 flood just a fluke or the new normal? 

With record amounts of snow still hanging around this late in the season, many wonder if the "100 year" flood that occurred last year will happen again, or be even worse.  As we get deeper into spring, the chance of prolonged, extreme temperature increases becomes much greater.  Compounding the situation, there is still significant snow accumulation on the frozen ground, and the potential for some heavy "April showers".

What do you think?

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